Tiny Karma Wheel Necklace

Tiny Karma Wheel Necklace

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The tiny Karma Wheel necklace is a delicate version of the original. She is just 7.5mm x 5mm and is a gorgeous everyday piece. She was inspired by the spinning prayer wheels of Buddhist Tibet. They symbolise protection and blessings, and date back over 2000 years! I like the idea of having your own little talisman that you can play with or spin when you feel anxious. My modern day versions feature my signature hexagons on a lovely substantial silky 18kt gold fill chain. My sister and I went on an epic trip to India in 2013, and at a monastery in the north we spun prayer wheels by hand to accumulate wisdom and good karma, and purify bad karma. This is where I first encountered them, and this is where the seeds for this idea were planted.

Materials: Sterling silver on a sterling silver chain 18 inches.

Size: 7.5mm x 5mm

Owing to the nature of the making process, the colour and finish will vary slightly to the ones shown. Every piece is slightly different and totally unique.