From a young age I made things from wood, wire, beads, polymer clay. Later I discovered metals and 3D printing - a whole new world where nature and geometry converged. I love the creative process of making something by hand. It’s where I find my flow and lose track of time.

I can’t escape the art of making - my father was a woodwork teacher and my mother’s passion for sewing meant our house was a place where there was always something being made. Growing up in the west of Ireland, the landscape was a constant source of inspiration, and Im happy to continue to live in this beautiful part of the world.

Cultural and geometric symbolism are the foundation of my jewellery designs. I am influenced by the things I see when travelling, especially symbolic cultural and historic references. I find these things fascinating and I love to translate ancient ideas into modern talismans that are both meaningful and beautiful. 

My designs blend an ancient idea and geometry together to create something unique that will give the wearer joy. I can’t resist the beauty and sparkle of Swarovski crystals or semi-precious stones, and they are the centre piece of some of my designs.

The textures and organic finish on my pieces are a result of the digital printing process, and are a deliberate design feature. Having an organic feel to my jewellery is important to me as I love the idea of merging the machine-made results with the handmade. I have always loved and admired fine intricate details and you will find this in my work.

My collections are mixed influences from ancient cultures, Astrology, and mythology; all with a touch of art deco. Each piece is a creation of symbolic meaning, magic and craftswomanship. I hope you enjoy my wearable objects with meaning and should you like to see a unique material and colour combination I would be delighted to bring it to life for you. Please send me a message here.

You can keep up to date with my designs and influences on instagram.