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Lucky Irish coin Gold
Lucky Irish coin Gold

Lucky Irish coin Gold

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A lucky Irish silver coin cast from an original old 1940 Irish Threepence or "Leath Reul". This little coin features the Irish hare, a mystical animal said to bring luck in times of change.

The hare is a symbol of mystery, positivity and prosperity. She is also linked to the moon and is a symbol of feminine power. It is believed that people who see the hare as their spirit animal are considered sensitive, artistic, and ambitious.

Wear yours as a lucky talisman every day. Features the Irish harp on the reverse.

Materials: 18ct hard gold plating over sterling silver, on an 18 inch Gold filled chain.

This is a sterling silver copy cast from a real old 3 pence which were originally made in nickel. It is the exact same size as an original old 3 pence. The silver is then hard gold plated in 18ct gold.

The solid sterling silver version is available here.

Please get in touch if you would like a longer or shorter chain.