From a young age I made things from wood, wire, beads, polymer clay. Later I discovered metals and 3D printing - a whole new world where I could make complex and precise tiny wax models that are cast into precious future heirlooms here in Ireland.

I love the creative process of making something by hand. It’s where I find my flow and lose track of time. My father was a woodwork teacher and my mother’s passion for sewing meant our house was a place where there was always something being made. Growing up in Ballina, in the west of Ireland, the landscape was a constant source of inspiration, and Im so lucky to continue to live in this beautiful part of the world.

I am influenced by the things I see when travelling, especially ancient symbols carved in stone, cultural practices and ancient historic myths and ideas. I find these things fascinating and I love to translate these old ideas into modern talismans that are special and beautiful. 

I am inspired by that sense of magic that is just below the surface of everyday moments. The sence of wonder we feel when we encounter nature, or remember a rose tinted moment from our childhood, the magical ideas of old that connected us with the heavens, nature and our ancestors - these are all blended into the talismans that I create. 

When I blend an ancient idea and geometry together the result is imbued with positivity. There are influences of astrology, and mythology in there, and all with a touch of art deco. From the inspiration of an ancient spinning prayer wheel in tibet to the symbolism of the key, and of course the hexagon, safe to say these jewels contain magic.

I hope you enjoy my wearable objects with meaning and should you like to see a unique material and colour combination I would be delighted to bring it to life for you. Please send me a message here.

You can keep up to date with my designs and influences on instagram.


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